Have a Policy for Side Jobs and Moonlighting

RCS Influencer Michael Hicks says this his company allows side jobs but with conditions.

Our policy is fairly simple and straightforward. Side jobs are permitted with a few qualifiers:

  1. It can’t be any larger than 10 squares. If it’s bigger than 10 squares have the owner contact us and if we get the job there’s a commission for the reference.
  2. If you do a side job, you need to buy the materials from the company
  3. In no way can a side job interfere with your work duties at the company
  4. Work for a competitor and you’re done

Although I recently had several guys doing a weekend side job for a “company,” if you could call a pick-up truck and some hand tools out of the garage a “company,” which had supposedly shut their doors.  We had bid the job, and I’m sure we were quite a bit more expensive.  I guess the promise of one last good job was too much temptation for the retired owner, and the guy waved some big bucks in the face of a guy that came to work for us when the other place closed down.  This individual got several of our other guys to help him, and they were spotted on the roof on a Saturday.

All of them were excellent guys, losing them all for a lapse in judgement would have been tough and they were given the ultimatum to grab their tools and exit the roof immediately as HRI employees, or stay and finish the job as ex-employees.  They all chose to leave, and a thunderstorm passed overhead an hour later.  Not sure what happened, don’t care, but I see the job got finished eventually.

Michael Hicks is owner of Hicks Industrial Roofing. See his full bio here.

Published at Fri, 22 Sep 2017 16:28:04 +0000